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 [Restaurant City] Tips & Tricks

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PostSubject: [Restaurant City] Tips & Tricks   Wed Aug 05, 2009 4:10 pm

As a Restaurant City addict, I have come up with certain tips and tricks for all of you. I hope this helps, and I hope you enjoy it! I will add some more if I have something more to share. Feel free to add yours, too! I will edit the first post so it will be organized.

Please do not copy this on other forums and claim them as your own!

How to Level Up Fast
- Use your money wisely! When you first start, don't spend all your money on decorations (or clothes) to make your restaurant (or yourself) look pretty! Don't buy expensive chairs, tables, stoves, etc. It doesn't contribute to leveling up whatsoever. As much as possible, buy the cheapest things!
- Don't make your waiters/waitresses walk too much. Add as little space as possible between the stoves and the chairs.
- Make the customers walk a lot before they reach their chairs. It gives you more time to serve the ones that have already arrived at the table, and clean the tables too.
- Don't add too much tables and chairs! Serve as little as possible. Make it so that your chefs/waiters aren't too busy, or too free.

Once You Get Your Eighth (8th) Employee
- Add more tables! Not too many, though!
- You now have more space in your restaurant. Make the customers walk longer by blocking possible shortcuts.


Why doesn't my Gourmet Points go higher?
It's because you closed the window where your Restaurant City is running! Yes, you still earn money, but you don't earn the Gourmet Points. So make sure that if you want to level up, have your Restaurant City tab open always.

It's Taking Forever For Me to Level Up!
That's because you need to upgrade your dishes! Aim to get Level 10 in your dishes to get more Gourmet Points per customer. The higher the level your dish has, the higher the Gourmet Points you earn.

Everyday, you get a Food Quiz. When you get the answer correctly, you get a free ingredient for the day!

You can also visit your friends (works once only per person) for the first time and get a free ingredient out of it. Cool, eh?

- When you already have a large restaurant with eight (8) employees, still, don't waste your money on items. Take care of your employees instead! The higher their health is, the faster they work.

Make them work 24/7 with 100% health and you'll get 50.0 popularity soon.


That's it for now! I'll add some more when I think of any. Lol. I hope this helps, guys.


Nooblar: OMG look at me I'm an admin~
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True story. I lol'ed.

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[Restaurant City] Tips & Tricks
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